Fixing Films Box Office Game #2 Winner

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When asked what his favorite carbonated beverage was Machete merely replied..."Slice." I didn't have the heart to tell him it was now called Sierra Mist.

Sorry for the delay folks but finally we have a winner.  In this addition of the Fixing Films Box Office Game we’ve guessed opening weekend box office of Machete starring Danny Trejo and my super fav Jessica Alba.

Drumroll Please.

With a weekend gross of $14,102,888 our closest guess was Josh Feldman with is guess of 14 Million dollars!   Fixing Films sat down with Josh to ask him how it felt to truly be, the cat’s pajamas.

Hope you got your tickets to the gun show! Wowsers!

Fixing Films:  Have you ever used a Machete?

Josh:  Briefly, while stationed in Nam. It was my weapon of choice for removing ears from the VC.

Fixing Films:  Where are you going to display your trophy?

Josh:  Above my toilet, right next to my Oscar and ever-growing stack of Juggs Magazines.

Fixing Films:  Have you ever won anything this prestigious?

Josh:  No, but I’ve definitely lost better contests.

Fixing Films:  Are you psychic?

Josh:  Yes…but you knew that already….

Fixing Films:  Where are going to spend your $25 gift card and why?

Josh:  Dinner for one at the Claimjumper.  Their mudpie is a revelation.

Fixing Films:  What’s your favorite movie?

Josh:  FREDDY GOT FINGERED….”What’s that clicking sound?? It’s my HOOOVES, my HOOOOOOOOVES!”

(For those of you that don’t know he’s referring to Zebras in America…see below…)

In his spare time Josh enjoys long walks on the beach with his beautiful fiancé.

Long walk on the beach, CHECK. Next up, Romantic candlelit dinner.

In his spare time Josh is also partner in a prestigious construction firm specializing in schools, daycare facilities and treehouses with his longtime friend Bob.

Just two men...building an empire.

Josh will be taking home a $25 gift certificate, custom gold trophy, and a certificate of Amesomeness.  Congrats again Josh and for the rest of you that didn’t win remember this.  DREAMS DO COME TRUE.  Keep playing and YOU could be next!

If you like prizes and want a chance to play the next game coming in a few weeks then Subscribe along the right side of the page.


Box Office Game #2: Machete – Multiple Prizes

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So with all the fun I had with Box Office Game #1 I’ve decided to do another contest.  This time with some tweaks to make Game #2 bigger and better than the first one.

One week from tomorrow Machete starring Danny Trejo, Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal and Don Johnson opens everywhere.

When I compile my list of this year's top 10 films I'm pretty sure this movie will...make the cut.

The rules for this contest are very simple and participation is free.

1.  Subscribe to the blog via email and confirm your email address when WordPress sends you the confirmation email.

2.  Email your guess for how much money Machete will make in it’s opening weekend domestically. 10 Million?  15 Million?  2 Million?  (Guesses stop at 12 midnight on Thursday September 2nd.)

3.  The closest guess wins.

Now you may be asking: “What do I win Rob?  I LOOOOOOVEEE prizes!”

Answer:  TONS OF COOL PRIZES. (3 actually)

1.  $25 Gift Card to store of your choice.  (If I can purchase the gift card online you can have it.)

Your pick, any card, anywhere, to use on ANYTHING.

2.  HARDWARE.  This is the prize I’m most excited about.  Probably because as a kid I enjoyed winning trophies so much.  You will receive a Fixing Films Box Office Champ #1 trophy for first place.

Yes, mullets really do rock.

This is a trophy my friend Jae and I made for a Wrestling video game competition. Yes that's tin foil, colored tape and a wash cloth for a cape. He even has a champion's belt. P.S the trophy's hair is REAL cat hair from Jae's couch!!!

Note:  Your trophy will be real, NOT homemade.

3.  Certificate of Awesomeness.  Nothing says, I’m better than you than a certified certificate from movie blog website.  Proudly display this in your living room, dining room, bedroom or cubicle.  Your friends and co-workers will be so jealous when they see their inadequacy painted out for them in plain English.  Makes a great talking piece and is a great resume builder!

Are you awesome enough to be certified?

Any questions?  Email for answers.  Current subscribers just send an email with your guess.  So, what are you waiting for…SUBSCRIBE!!!

Fixing Films Box Office Game Winner…

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Weeks ago readers battled it out trying to guess the domestic box office take of Predators…Two men made the exact same guess.  The playoff happened this past weekend….

Drum roll please.  After the severely lackluster performance of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World this weekend in our Fixing Films Box Office Game Playoff we have a winner.  With an opening weekend bid guess of 18 Million Dollars…GLENN GULIA is our winner!!!  He’s taking home a $25 movie gift card, bragging rights and some serious R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

"Wake up Glenn!!! You won the Fixing Films Box Office Challenge!!!" Glenn shifted slightly in his seat but did not wake up, no, he'd long ago learned to drown out the hi-pitched whine of the dreaded, girl friend nag.

But who is the actual man behind Glenn Gulia?  Ladies and Gentlemen, meet: Glen Scott!

Glen Scott:  A hotshot young creative director with a desire to perspire and a thirst for first.  Check out those guns!  Check out that winning smile!

The look of victory, success and sheer manliness. Extra points for a perfectly maintained Man Beard.

Fixing Films sat down with Glen Scott to ask him how it felt to be totally awesome.

Fixing Films:  How does it feel to be the winner of the first ever Fixing Films box office Game?

Glen:  Feels natural. Winning fits like a glove to me. Besides, I just don’t accept losing at movie-blog-box-office-guessing-games.

Fixing Films:  Are you psychic?

Glen:  Yes.  Like Cate Blanchett in The Gift.  Which is a good movie cause you get to see Mrs. Cruise’s boobs. And my psychic abilities tell me that I’ve seen them more than Tom has.

Fixing Films:  If you could make out with any actress who would it be?  Any Actor?

Glen:  Helen Mirren and Norm MacDonald.

Fixing Films:  What’s your favorite movie and why?

Glen:  Steel Cut Hope.  It stars James Van Der Beek as a mid-level accountant in Omaha.  He’s deep in the high-intrigue world of grain processing.  After uncovering a conspiracy he goes on the run.  Filled with high-speed chases across the plains of Nebraska he finds love, vindication and more importantly, himself.  The love interest is played by the stunning Lark Voohries.  It’s North by Northwest meets Jury Duty. What’s not to love?  Now I just need to write the screenplay.

Coming soon to a theater near you!

Well Mr. Scott we here at Fixing Films congratulate you.  You’re the sole survivor, the cat’s pajamas and yes, even the bees knees.

Step aside Rocky. There's a new sheriff in town...

To all the rest of you that didn’t win, you will have another chance.  Stay tuned and subscribe on the right for your next chance to win the BIG FAT PRIZES we have in store for you this September.

Tears of sheer unabashed joy. This could be you ladies and gentlemen. This could be you.

Subscribe if you want chances to win free stuff!!!  And click here to learn more about Glen Scott!!!

Fixing Films: Box Office Game…Tie Breaker – Faceoff

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That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen.  Two of the entries in the Predators edition of the Fixing Films Box Office game were the exact same and are the closest to the actual total.  To preserve anonymity we will call these two gentlemen: Marlon Brando (Actor) and Glen Gulia (Wedding Singer Character.)  With guesses of $52,000,000 each and the current domestic total sitting at $50,497,643 this is game over for the rest of you but as for Glen and Brandon Marlon…

A faceoff.

Truly a battle of good vs. evil. Will Glen Gulia prove to be Marlon Brando's Kryptonite? Will Brando finally bust Glen Gulia for all those "working late" nights in the city?

The playoff will be played IMMEDIATELY this weekend with box office predictions for the OPENING WEEKEND of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Please note.  This is OPENING WEEKEND ONLY so we have immediate results.

C'mon people, in a real battle The World would win. He'd literally have to defeat 6,861,194,834 other people. I don't buy it. (Figuratively I don't buy it, I'll literally be buying it when I purchase my ticket this weekend...)

The best of luck to both of our contestants and we’ll have the results Monday, August 16th!