Weeks ago readers battled it out trying to guess the domestic box office take of Predators…Two men made the exact same guess.  The playoff happened this past weekend….

Drum roll please.  After the severely lackluster performance of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World this weekend in our Fixing Films Box Office Game Playoff we have a winner.  With an opening weekend bid guess of 18 Million Dollars…GLENN GULIA is our winner!!!  He’s taking home a $25 movie gift card, bragging rights and some serious R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

"Wake up Glenn!!! You won the Fixing Films Box Office Challenge!!!" Glenn shifted slightly in his seat but did not wake up, no, he'd long ago learned to drown out the hi-pitched whine of the dreaded, girl friend nag.

But who is the actual man behind Glenn Gulia?  Ladies and Gentlemen, meet: Glen Scott!

Glen Scott:  A hotshot young creative director with a desire to perspire and a thirst for first.  Check out those guns!  Check out that winning smile!

The look of victory, success and sheer manliness. Extra points for a perfectly maintained Man Beard.

Fixing Films sat down with Glen Scott to ask him how it felt to be totally awesome.

Fixing Films:  How does it feel to be the winner of the first ever Fixing Films box office Game?

Glen:  Feels natural. Winning fits like a glove to me. Besides, I just don’t accept losing at movie-blog-box-office-guessing-games.

Fixing Films:  Are you psychic?

Glen:  Yes.  Like Cate Blanchett in The Gift.  Which is a good movie cause you get to see Mrs. Cruise’s boobs. And my psychic abilities tell me that I’ve seen them more than Tom has.

Fixing Films:  If you could make out with any actress who would it be?  Any Actor?

Glen:  Helen Mirren and Norm MacDonald.

Fixing Films:  What’s your favorite movie and why?

Glen:  Steel Cut Hope.  It stars James Van Der Beek as a mid-level accountant in Omaha.  He’s deep in the high-intrigue world of grain processing.  After uncovering a conspiracy he goes on the run.  Filled with high-speed chases across the plains of Nebraska he finds love, vindication and more importantly, himself.  The love interest is played by the stunning Lark Voohries.  It’s North by Northwest meets Jury Duty. What’s not to love?  Now I just need to write the screenplay.

Coming soon to a theater near you!

Well Mr. Scott we here at Fixing Films congratulate you.  You’re the sole survivor, the cat’s pajamas and yes, even the bees knees.

Step aside Rocky. There's a new sheriff in town...

To all the rest of you that didn’t win, you will have another chance.  Stay tuned and subscribe on the right for your next chance to win the BIG FAT PRIZES we have in store for you this September.

Tears of sheer unabashed joy. This could be you ladies and gentlemen. This could be you.

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