That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen.  Two of the entries in the Predators edition of the Fixing Films Box Office game were the exact same and are the closest to the actual total.  To preserve anonymity we will call these two gentlemen: Marlon Brando (Actor) and Glen Gulia (Wedding Singer Character.)  With guesses of $52,000,000 each and the current domestic total sitting at $50,497,643 this is game over for the rest of you but as for Glen and Brandon Marlon…

A faceoff.

Truly a battle of good vs. evil. Will Glen Gulia prove to be Marlon Brando's Kryptonite? Will Brando finally bust Glen Gulia for all those "working late" nights in the city?

The playoff will be played IMMEDIATELY this weekend with box office predictions for the OPENING WEEKEND of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Please note.  This is OPENING WEEKEND ONLY so we have immediate results.

C'mon people, in a real battle The World would win. He'd literally have to defeat 6,861,194,834 other people. I don't buy it. (Figuratively I don't buy it, I'll literally be buying it when I purchase my ticket this weekend...)

The best of luck to both of our contestants and we’ll have the results Monday, August 16th!