So I was watching “The Decision” last night, crossing my fingers, praying Lebron would be delivered to the Chicago Bulls.  A return to excellence and glory I haven’t felt since the Jordan era.  Boy was I disappointed.

There IS a light at the end of the tunnel however.  I’m not sure how many of you stayed tuned in for the whole thing but last night also saw us realize Lebron’s announcement that not only would he be playing for the Miami Heat, but, in the footsteps of former Heat member Shaquille O’Neil, he’d also be pursuing an acting career!!!

So that brings us to the premise of this segment.  THE DECISION PT. II – Which Basketball Movie Franchise?

Over the course of the next several weeks Lebron will be meeting with a bevy of Hollywood producers & directors to discuss his potential future with their movie franchises.  Some new, and some quite old and begging for a reboot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the front runners:

"The dream is real, Lebron..." said DiCaprio. Lebron gazed into the churning waters..."This flood...It's making me I cold Vitamin Water. It's got electrolytes and it's the only thing I drink when I need to replenish this Kingly physique." (Cash register money sounds.) "Why don't you try some Leo? Here's a Revive and a Stress-B." (Yet more money sounds...)

"Lebron Foot, are you going to lead us to the great valley?" asked Sara the threehorn (between PMS fits in this movie where she's a total yatch to everyone and alienates herself by being such a loner.) "Of Course!" Lebron-Foot replied. "Right after I lead myself to more endorsement money and a championship!"

"I'm not sure if even I can make anybody love this movie." James said. "Oh, what was that Lebron?" Bridges replied. "I was distracted over here polishing my Oscar, It's the CHAMPIONSHIP of acting you know..."

"Bella Swan! Pah! I'm the one yall should be fighting over," said Lebron cockily. Edward clenced his teeth together tightly and swallowed the vomit that threatened to squirt out the side of his mouth. "He's a liability to all our kind," thought Edward. "It's time the Volturi got involved..."

"I made the wrong choice," thought Lebron years later. "If only I'd have signed with the Bulls..." He wiped a tear from his eye as the nurse returned with his daily pills. "Not again!" she cried, "Janet! Bring a mop! He's pooped 'em again..."

Family Movies: They're not just for Ice Cube anymore.


So now the only thing to do is wait.  Who will he choose?  Who will he not choose?  How many meetings will he have with each of them?  How many commercials for Vitamin Water and Bing will we see in the process?  Only time will tell my friends, only time will tell.

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Hey Lebron, when your Trifecta powerhouse in Miami falls through, there's always Dancing With the Stars!