"Crap!" thought LiLo, "Better hope I roll doubles!"

So if you don’t live and breath by TMZ you may not have heard that the one and only Lindsay Lohan (star of Herbie Fully Loaded) was sentanced to 90 days in jail and 90 days of rehab today.  Uh oh!  Sounds like someones got a case of the Mondays!

When asked to comment on her impending incarceration Lohan replied, “Scram!”  While we didn’t understand Ms. Lohan’s reference to her alcohol monitoring anklet pictured below we did get the distinct feeling she wasn’t interested in fielding any more questions from Fixing Films.

LiLo's fashionable new anklet! Who knew she loved hiking too!?!?

Out of respect for Ms. Lohan we decided to turn the topic to an area she might be a little more comfortable with.  Fashion and which label she’s sporting this week!

Fixing Films:  “Lindsay!!!  You must tell us, our readers are dying to know,  WHO are you wearing???”

Lohan:  “Scram!”

Fixing Films:  “Yes we know, and the dress, Vera Wang?  Louis V?

The interview ended abruptly at this point when Ms. Lohan forcibly grabbed our on-the-scene reporter and with uncanny Redbull fueled strength beat him within an inch of his life.

As Lindsay gulped down the carbonated, pee colored elixir she felt the sheer power course through her veins, building to an unspeakable rage. "This is my spinach, bitches."

Despite the recent incident with Ms. Lohan, we at Fixing Films would like to take this opportunity to say that we still hold hope for Lindsay Lohan.  Hey, she gave us Mean Girls and I might be persuaded to forgive I Know Who Killed Me should this September’s Machete prove worthy.

Until then Lindsay…we’ll see you at…the Bars.

"Jail's not all that bad," Lohan thought as she posed on the San Quentin red carpet Step and Repeat. "Not bad at all..."

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