If you haven’t seen this movie, I’m about to spoil it.

Reporter: "Tom can you tell me what you think of yourself, but do so without words, rather, like popular film critic Roger Ebert?" ... "So, one thumb up. Got it. Thanks Tom!"

So a few days ago I made a prediction on what Knight and Day would be like.  See that review here.  (Knight and Day Psychic Prediction)

Well I’m here to 1. Tell you all I was absolutely right, 2. Gloat, and 3. Tell you about some exciting new movies in the Knight and Day Franchise!!!

1.  Wow, was I right.  As predicted, witty banter, explosions, gunshots and a twist!  Tom Cruise(Roy Miller) initially wasn’t to be trusted, then what do you know, he earns Cameron Diaz’s trust.  But pump the breaks there Mister one phone call later he’s not to be trusted again as he’s selling the super secret ultra powerful Energizer Battery to some Italian Baddies.  Oh but wait, he a double, triple, maybe even quadruple agent and he’s fooled us all and can be trusted again!  He had Cameron Diaz pretty confused there!

Tom, we had sex in Vanilla Sky!!! Your body makes a PROMISE!!! Next time I see you I'm going to drive us off a bridge again!!!!

Anyway they did end up getting back together after the 7th or 8th double cross and lived happily ever after on the southern tip of South America, Cape Horn now that the main bad guy, Peter Sarsgaard was killed by the Energizer Bunny Battery. (I’m not kidding.)

2.  Gloating.  I told you so.  I told you so.  I told you so.  Three times is enough, when paired with the smuggest look in Hollywood.

Posterboy of Self Satisfaction, George Clooney Displays his Oscar and quickly scans the crowd for naive Hollywood Coeds to de-virginize.

3.  Exciting news in the Knight and Day franchise.  Due to the OVERWHELMING smash success of the first installment.  Fox has already decided to partner with other successful franchises to bring you, the viewer, a bevy of films over the next few years that will make you squeal in agony, delight!!  Let’s take a look at these exciting new projects!

Hook and Ladder?!?! I said POST route!!! Arrrrgggg!!!

Thetans everywhere!!! Arrrrggggg!!!

(Dark Knight Voice) Why is my voice suddenly so raspy and deep in this suit?!?! Nobody can understand me!!! Arrrrgggg!!!

But IIIIIIII want to have the sex scene with Eva Mendes, Joaquin get's all the fun scenes!!! Arrrrggggg!!!

Scissors on my hands? Animation? Helena Bonham Carter in every movie??? I'm not too sure about this Tim Burton character.... (p.s. ARRRRGGGGGG!!!!)

Do you have any other recommendations for future Knight and Day movies???  If so please comment!

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