The pearly white smile concealed a much darker secret. She's the Man 2....had been canceled.

The Entertainment industry was rocked today when former mildly popular actress Amanda Bynes announced her retirement at the ripe old age of 24.  Fixing Films hit the street to gauge the public’s reaction to this startling development.

Fixing Films:  “Did you hear that Amanda Bynes retired from acting today???”

Fans had this to say.

“Who is Amanda Bynes?” – William Lynch, 27  (Rochester, NY)

“Who is Amanda Bynes?” – Tom Frasier, 40 (Las Vegas, NV)

“Who is Amanda Bynes?” – Lucas Strack, 30 (Dallas, TX)

“OMG!!! CMEO!!! FML!!!” – Jessica Newman, 13 (Chicago, IL)  (Note to reader, we take this to be roughly translated as “Oh my god, crying my eyes out, something my life,” however we could not confirm the statement due to the sudden hysteric nature of Ms. Newman.)

In an effort to get an insiders opinion, Fixing Films asked Hollywood badboy, and Big Fat Liar Co-star Frankie Muniz to comment on this Hollywood shocker.

Frankie’s publicist released this statement.

“I am deeply saddened by the news that my former co-star decided to leave the acting community today.   I’d always held to a deep hope that one day we could re-unite with the blessing of Paul Giamatti for a Big Fat Liar sequel and quite possibly, consensual coitus.  I will miss her deeply and wish her the best with her future obscurity and sadness.”

“P.s. I was in Malcolm in the Middle,”  He added.

"Our acting futures are so bright, we gotta wear shades," said a young Amanda and Frankie on the set of the highly anticipated release of their new movie... (Film Journal, 2001)

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