Keep in mind, if you haven’t seen this movie, I’m about to spoil it.

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Ahhh the 80’s franchise rebooted.  Transformers, The Karate Kid, now the A-Team and next Thundercats.  (Michael Bay directs,  see article here about that AMAZING NEW REBOOT!!!

So back to the A-Team (Alpha Team to the layman.)  The A-Team (2010) is basically about how the guys came to be together and become the A-Team of yore which is basically how they became a bunch of mercenaries that you have to track down to be able to hire.


  1. While this doesn’t apply specifically to this movie I think it applies to the franchise in general.  This is the end of the monologue about the A-Team “Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.  If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team.”  OK.  this entire movie is about them tracking down a mercenary who double crossed them and stole some $100 bill printing press plates and CLEARING THEIR NAME.  They are not in the least mercenaries or soldiers of fortune or anything of the like and the end of the movie doesn’t really set them up to be soldiers of fortune; rather it just has the government bone them in their little buttholes again for escaping from prison even though they proved they were innocent.  This doesn’t keep with the franchise history.  These guys, while totally badass are NOT portrayed as the gun for hire types.  Especially BA Baracus which I’ll get to in a bit.
  2. Need’s more Biel.  Arguably one of the hottest women in the world I want more and I want it now.  I’ll shut up here for a few moments and let you enjoy some pictures.

Adam Sandler get your damn head out of the top pic!

Waaaaaaaa, Justin Timberlake doesn't like me anymore!!! Better pose for some sexy swimsuit shoots to win him back...

"I can't believe I got this nakey for I Now Pronouce You Chuck and Larry..." thought Jessica midway through her Buns of Steel workout.

3.   This point kind of goes along with my first point.  “If you can find them…” Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me be the first to tell you that the A-Team would be one of the easiest groups of people to find IN THE WORLD.  All John Q. Hireguns would have to do is put out an APB for a big black Pedo truck with a red stripe down the side.  Seriously.  How covert/secretive are you when you always drive around in the same looking truck?  People would see it and go, “Oh wow there goes the A-Team, better get out of here before the explosions and cliched catchphrases start!”  Anyway, while iconic, I don’t think the A-team van has much of a place in the new A-Team.

"There's definitely candy in there," thought Billy. "Do you like Cigars son?" Said Hannibal as he beckoned the child closer...

4.  BA’s wimpy-ness.  After the guys get sent to prison the first time BA becomes a total wiener and won’t kill anybody anymore.  Dude, what’s the deal!?!?  We’re not paying hard earned American greenbacks to see you quote Gandhi.  (Which he does BTW) While I understand this was an attempt to add depth to the character I hope that this sensitive side ends with this movie.  You are arguably the biggest badass of them all and here you are, no mohawk, no testosterone, no balls…  Thank god he finally gets with the program and snaps a neck at the end!

Special Kudos Section:

The best things about this movie are:  Jessica Biel’s hot bod, Murdock as comic relief, Liam Neesons peculiar accent, Gerald McRaney having another job since Major Dad in the early 90’s. (you know you miss it.)

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