Keep in mind, if you haven’t seen this movie, I’m about to spoil it.


What a hilarious trailer moment! Let's make sure NOT to include it in the movie!!!

The latest in the string of Apatow produced films, Get Him to the Greek continues the story of Aldous Snow the sex crazed, drug addled frontman for Infant Sorrow.   In case you don’t remember him from Forgetting Sarah Marshall here’s a little reminder in the form of a magical music video…

Ok, so I actually liked this movie and got into a debate with my best friend over whether or not it was a good movie.  He says no.  I say yes however…can we make it better?  YES.

  1. Aaron (Jonah Hill)’s Arc.  Well he doesn’t have much of one.  He starts as a MID-LEVEL grunt @ Diddy’s music empire.  MAKE NO MISTAKE CASUAL VIEWER.  He is mid level, NOT intern level.  So his arc about him overcoming the odds?  Not really.  Is it about him standing up for himself?  Not really because Aldous kind of pressures him into all these situations and he just goes with the flow.  Rather Aaron doesn’t really have an arc.  He still follows his girlfriend to Seattle and his “Empowerment” moment at the end of the film is false because Aldous and Aaron have already agreed that he’s going to go onstage despite breaking his arm falling into the pool.  Rather Aaron is a catalyst for Aldous to find himself and get his life back on track while undergoing very little change himself in the process.  How about this.  You make Aaron start out as like a lowly intern and then he proves himself.  It would be something of a fool triumphant.  He overcomes all the odds and no one expects him to succeed but he ends up pulling it off DESPITE what everyone thinks he will do. F it up.
  2. Jackie-Q vs. Aldous Father.  Which one is more important to Aldous’s change?  It’s difficult to really wrap your head around this and I think the father thing was just inserted as an excuse to go to Vegas and have a party scene.  It seems to me like his getting over Jackie-Q and discovering his son is not in fact his are the demons he must face, not alternate demons of daddy issues.  Ditch Aldous’s dad and have them just stop in Vegas for Drugs and sex.  It’s easier, makes more sense and doesn’t con-volute the plot.
  3. Leaving Las Vegas…When the party comes to a close WHY DO AARON AND ALDOUS FLEE SERGIO (DIDDY)?  THIS MAKES NO SENSE!  It’s like they are terrified of him and while they’ve all been smoking Jeffrey (Drug cocktail, smoked like a joint) they suddenly decide they need to run away from him when at this point in the story their goal is still to go meet him and put on the concert @ the Greek.  I don’t know about all of you but this felt extremely weird to me and just didn’t mesh with the rest of the story.  The time stakes have already been put in place, we don’t need Sergio to chase them to make it more real.
  4. Need’s more music!  While I really enjoyed the performance of “The Clap” as well as “African Child” I think the inclusion of Jackie-Q’s “Ring around the Rosey” was hilarious.    Can we see more.  This is a rock star right?  These types of music videos, etc. are of the type that go viral and really draw grassroots attention to a film.  This stuff is priceless and I WANT MORE!!!
  5. Aaron trying to stop Aldous twice THRICE from performing.  I briefly mentioned this earlier however I feel a need to elaborate here.  When Aldous falls into the pool, Aaron tells him he shouldn’t go on.  Then they come to an agreement that it’s for the best.  Then they drive to the Greek, Aaron see’s the bone sticking out of his arm and says “oh Aldous, don’t go on!!!” which leads to them coming to an agreement that wait for it…he’s going on.  Then they get backstage and Sergio is super happy to see them.  Aaron’s all “oh Sergio he shouldn’t go on, we shouldn’t give him painkillers, wah wah wah wah…”  Then he quits, and Aldous (LIKE THE PREVIOUS TWO TIMES) say’s he’s still going on.  Why is it so hard for Aaron to get this?!?!?  Gah!!!!  How about as a way to stand up to Sergio, Sergio physically tries to give him coke before he goes on to pump him up, this leads to Aaron bitch slapping Sergio and then Mind-F&#king him into submission.  How about that for Aaron standing up for himself.  This lets Aldous still go on w/o the drugs and shows that Aaron cares about him enough to stand down Sergio and become worthy of being his manager.

(In British Accent) "Wow, I made it, No thanks to Aaron though!!!"

Anyway, you’ve come a long, long way Jonah Hill and we’re are super proud of you.  As such I want to give a little tribute to some of your earlier work so people can see how much better you did here.  Hugs!!! XOXOXO!!!

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